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rost&Wood Siberians started as the dream of a dogless child. My mother was allergic to dogs, so we couldn’t have one, but dogs and horses filled my head and sketch pads throughout my childhood, along with ambitious barn and kennel plans. I have come to realize since then that I think dogs really belong in the house in numbers that allow each to get individual attention, so my plans have scaled down considerably to what I and my friends and family can manage as housepets.

Hi, my name is Dana Cranstone and I am a Sibaholic, and here's my story: Our family moved to the country when I was 16 years old allowing us to get an "outdoor" family dog, which fairly shortly became an indoor dog, since Siberians did not seem to make my mother's allergies flare up. Tragically, Impesa chewed through a chain link fence to escape while in heat, and we never found her, though we spent a month posting signs and hand delivering notices to every home within a 50 km radius of our home -- an unhappy lesson in Siberian escape abilities.

It wasn’t until many years later that Frost&Wood became reality and we had our first litter. After moving away from home for university and college, I did not have a Siberian living with me again until I was 27 years old when my husband and I purchased our own home in the country. The day we signed for the house I was on the phone looking for a puppy. Six months later Sequoia, Kabu's Frosted Moonlight, came to live with us; riding contentedly in my lap all the way home. At three years she gave us a litter of five beautiful boys, ultimately finding homes amongst family and friends, with one being sold to a very nice family in Russell, Ontario.

And then we bought our first dog sled...

In 2002 a second litter followed, and the team grew. Again the puppies found homes with friends and family and all of them run with us on a regular basis. It's nice to see how our babies are doing, and to hold puppy parties at each other's houses. The future breeding stock of Frost&Wood Siberians is currently housed in three households with all the dogs living as family pets.

We are very pleased with our 2004 litter, they have excellent temperaments, and are taking to sledding/carting like crazy. Reesha, at around 30 lbs, jumps straight into her box in the sledding trailer, nearly 4 feet off the ground, and is learning to run lead. They are also doing well in their obedience classes, if a little talkative when the action gets too boring for them.

Our next litter should make an appearance aound 2008 or 2009, if we are still crazy enough to want more dogs. We are always trying to breed for good pet temperament and conformation with sledding ability a bonus if it does not negatively effect the first two requirements.