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Conformation and look are important to us when we are choosing who to breed, and to whom. Though we are not very dog show focused, we do attend the occasional dog show, particularly the Siberian Nationals when they are close enough, looking forward to having a fun day visiting with our dog show friends and looking at some beautiful dogs show their stuff. I'm sure our lack of experience in the show ring is apparent, but to us it's all about having fun.

We showed our new puppy, Reesha, at the Sibe Nationals in Woodlands Provincial Park last year and came in third in her puppy class. Considering she had only been trained at home, and was unused to that many other dogs and people, we are proud of her for standing for the judge and showing her paces well.

Our current project is obedience training. Reesha and Nahanni have been attending classes this year and are nearly ready to try for their novice certification. Spunky little Reesha does it all off-leash with the dogs she is accustomed to, but still needs a little practice with keeping her focus in unfamilar conditions, and keeping quiet during her stays. Nahanni could use a little more focus in her heel work, but does the best stays in the class - so alert and attentive, and unshakable! Thor and Sequoia are getting some refresher practice with all the training going on - they just don't want to be left out.

Various other Frost&Wood dogs have been attending training classes this year as well, and are progressing quite well. Our instructor, Art Newman, even requested a photo of Nahanni and her puppies in harness to hang in the training hall.